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Acharya pathashala polytechnic

recognised by the government of india and government of karnataka
affiliated by AICTE, new delhi

Somanahalli, bangalore 560082


Name:Subhashini Sampatkumar
Designation: Head Of The Department
Qualification: B.E
Experience: 21 Years
Area of Interest:

  Message of HOD

  Today, computers are used in almost every aspect of our lives: in car engines, microwave ovens, video games, watches, telephones, desktops at home and work, mainframe computers in government and industry, and supercomputers expanding the frontiers of science and technology. The computer industry is one of the fastest growing segments of our economy and that growth promises to continue well into the next century. Especially in Bangalore(IT city of Asia) Computer Science Students with good knowledge have wide job opportunity with good wages.

Name: B.M. Prakash
Designation: Lecturer
Qualification: B.E
Experience: 19 Years
Area of Interest:   Web programming

Name: Raghavendra.B
Designation: Lecturer
Qualification: B.E,M.Tech
Experience: 8 Years
Area of Interest:   Communication

Name: Gangappa D
Designation: Lecturer
Qualification: B.E,M.Tech
Experience: 4 Years
Area of Interest:   JAVA

Name: Pankaja
Designation: Lecturer
Qualification: B.E
Experience: Fresher
Area of Interest:   C-Programming


Name: Jagadeesha B S
Designation:    System Analyst
Experience: 6 Years

Name: H.S Bhanu Prakash
Designation:    system Admin
Experience: 18 Years

Designation:    Lab Instructor       
Experience: 18 Years

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